I am just thrilled that everyone who uses our handmade hemp goods know they are getting something lovingly handmade with industrial hemp. And just feels good knowing that you are helping yourself and our planet by using anything made with hemp.

 Before I created ihemp shop, I just used all the same products that mainstream Americans use. From mainstream companies, like Johnson and Johnson, Proctor and Gamble and all the other companies that use lots of synthetic chemicals in their products. I really didn’t know any better.

 Then one day, I found out that most of those chemicals are really bad for you, to put on your skin, to wear, to eat. So I started researching more natural products and then I found out what hemp is,  and how amazing it is, and how many things that can be created from hemp . Also that hemp does not hurt my family or the environment. It doesn’t require any pesticides to grow and requires less water to grow that cotton.

 I feel it’s important to use products that use little to no pesticides, no harsh chemicals, and creates zero waste. Hemp is all the above. I can’t believe how awesome hemp is!!!

 I was concerned that people didn’t really know what hemp is. It gets confused with its cousin marijuana. But hemp does not have THC the drug,(well not enough to do anything to you) and is only made into helpful products, like fuel, clothing, rope, food, skin care, canvas, plastics, houses, well you can pretty much make anything from hemp, that why it’s SO cool!!!

 I decided I set out and create the most chic hemp goods for a new hemp generation. Hemp has been around for centuries, but it needs to be updated. We don’t really use it for ship sails or our currency as we once did anymore, Hemp needs a new look and I would love to do just that.

 It turns out, the road was more difficult than I imagined.

 You can’t really get lots of hemp from this country. It’s still illegal to grow in most states, so I have to get it from other countries. Which I would rather support the U.S. But hopefully in the future, after people learn about it and how useful it is, it will be really easy to get.

 I really want this website to inform people about hemp and share the super cool hemp goods that are available to them. And break the stereotype of the typical pot leaf products, that most people think about when the hear the word hemp.